Whole Life Cost Savings

Icecap-berg-graphicWe have developed a unique whole life costing model, which has a wide range of applications for organisations of all types. This represents a unique decision making tool analysing financial costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions and can be used to:

  • Compare investment options
  • Independently verify financial projections
  • Benchmark products and services against alternatives
  • Verify the environmental performance of products and services from cradle to grave …

Unrivalled in its flexibility, our WLC tool can be applied to projects of any type and duration, be it one day or one hundred years.

  • A range of clients are using the tool to guide their investment decisions - including material selections in new buildings, location and build costs, refurbishment priorities and Low Carbon technology choices.
  • On the new Werneth Medical Centre, for example, an extensive ICECAP model identified over £2.3m in cost savings from material specification, based on whole life costing analyses. Savings of over 1,100 tonnes of carbon were also identified.